Welcome to Thula Animal Behaviour and Training
'Kind, effective, games-based training'
Jocelyn Lander RVN DipCABT RQF (level 5)CCFT
Certified COAPE Animal Behaviourist and Trainer
Certified Canine Fitness Trainer
Fear Free Certified Professional
Certified ProDog Trainer and ProDog GEEK

"thula' means quiet in the Zulu language of South Africa. This was the name I gave to my lovely english springer spaniel. She was a quiet, introverted dog who taught me so much about patience, communication and the power of reward based training. I am what I am today because of her. She made me realise I needed a better way of communicating with her and it set me on my journey of becoming a behaviourist and trainer. She taught me that the most difficult dogs are our best teachers"