I am a qualified veterinary nurse and certified animal behaviourist and trainer through COAPE http://capbt.org. I first qualified as a behaviourist in 2005, but I have recently upgraded my qualification after a further 2 years of study.

I have always had a passion for animals and grew up in a household of dogs and cats. My early introduction to training was based on traditional methods but I never really felt comfortable training this way and sought  a better method to improve my communication when working with animals. I came across an organisation called COAPE and began my journey into gaining my animal behaviour and training qualification. Positive reward based methods i.e. using something the dog wants to work for, are scientifically proven to be more effective and kinder than old fashioned punishment techniques. I have horses as well, and noticed a huge difference when I changed to clicker training – my horse was more willing to take part in the training and actually seemed to enjoy it! 

I use a behaviour modification technique called EMRA, which is based on assessing mood state, emotional states and what reinforcers are contributing to the problem behaviour. Understanding your dog's innate needs as well as his emotional state is really important to achieving a successful outcome with any behaviour modification plan.

I am a certified Canine Fitness trainer and gained my qualification through the University of Tennessee in 2018. Agility and Hoopers are also a passion of mine and I attend classes with my own dogs as well as teach at foundation level.