Dog and cat behaviour consultations

I provide home visit consultations which usually last between 2-3 hours. A full assessment of the problem is carried out and discussed with you in detail. A detailed report will follow outlining an agreed behaviour modification plan, tailored to suit you and your pet's needs. Follow up consultations are case dependent, as behaviour issues can be multi faceted. All cases must be referred by your veterinarian to ensure that medical or orthopaedic conditions are not implicated in the behavioural problem.

Foundation Hoopers and Agility Classes
Agility/Hoopers  is such good fun for both owner and dog. I offer foundation classes that will teach you all you need to know about basic handling in agility on all the relevant equipment. My classes incorporate a warm up and cool down for the canine athletes and will be modified to meet each individuals needs. I also offer 1-2-1  classes for those that would prefer not to attend a multi dog class and I can also accommodate bespoke classes.
E-mail me for more information. Currently venue is in Chippenham.
One to One Training sessions

Training classes do not suit all dogs, especially if they have reactivity issues or have had a bad experience with other dogs in the past. Individually tailored training sessions at your home or suitable location of your choice. The theory of how dogs learn is covered as well as important training concepts. 

Initial session is £60

Ongoing training sessions are £35 per hour